The island Klichen is in kilometer to the north from Ostashkov's city. Here, on the area about 90 hectare, in a miniature all nature of edge(territory) Seligers is submitted and consequently the island is unique. On Klichen you will meet both pine pine forests, and birchwoods, and the mixed wood. On island there is the beautiful internal lake leaving fine impressions at everyone who has visited it(him). There are here and some sandy beaches. During Soviet time for island were going to construct a camp site, but the common sense has triumphed. Here in a northwest part of island there was an ancient small town Klichen - Ostashkov's prototype.


    People lived here for 2-3 thousand years B.C. On coast of northern part Кличена, it is especial after strong rains, and now splinters of silicon instruments of work and ceramics which our ancestors used sometimes come across.


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